For the ultimate driving experience:

App for individual settings

The free interstar PowerPedal app is the perfect tool to unleash the full potential of the interstar PowerPedal. The app enables easy and intuitive control of the PowerPedal and offers a range of useful features that will take your driving experience to the next level.

Clear menu navigation

The app for controlling the interstar PowerPedal features an intuitive and clear menu navigation, which allows for easy and fast operation. This enables you to quickly switch between the different programs or deactivate the PowerPedal when you don’t need it. The individual menu items are clearly structured and easy to understand, so even less tech-savvy users can operate the app without any problems.

The Dynamic Program for everyday use

The Dynamic program is perfect for everyday use and provides improved throttle response and quicker engine response. With this program, you can noticeably enhance the driving experience of your vehicle without increasing fuel consumption.

The Sport Program for sporty rides

The Sport program of the interstar PowerPedals is specifically designed for drivers who are seeking a more dynamic and sporty driving experience. By optimizing the responsiveness of the engine, it allows for an even more spirited driving experience.

The Race Program for the ultimate driving experience

The Race Program of the interstar PowerPedal is a special setting developed for sporty driving and use on race tracks. When you activate the Race Program, the engine responsiveness is maximized to unleash the full potential of the vehicle. This means that the engine responds faster to the accelerator pedal and the vehicle accelerates more quickly.

Deactivation of interstar PowerPedal

With the interstar PowerPedal app, you can not only choose between the three available programs (Dynamic, Sport, and Race), but also deactivate the PowerPedal at any time. For example, if you are in a situation where you prefer a particularly quiet ride, you can deactivate the PowerPedal with just one click. This means that the signal of the original accelerator pedal is no longer manipulated and the vehicle returns to its original responsiveness. Deactivation is just as easy as activation and can be reversed at any time. This way, you always have full control over your driving experience.