PowerPedal Installation instruction

Please consider the following points when installing the interstar PowerPedal:

Before starting the installation, ensure that you have the correct product for the right vehicle. Compare entries in our database (www.interstar.cc) if necessary or contact our customer service.

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Ensure that the vehicle is in proper condition. Pay attention to possible error messages on the vehicle’s dashboard and, if necessary, read the error memory using an OBD scanner.

Leave the driver’s door open and lock the vehicle with the car key. Place the car key at a sufficient distance from the vehicle. Ensure that the car key is motionless. Modern car keys emit signals when in motion, so it’s crucial that the key remains still during the installation. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes until all control units enter sleep mode.

Avoid lifting the vehicle on a lift during installation. Many vehicles have electronic or air suspensions, and rotating a wheel during installation can wake up the control units. Also, be cautious during the installation to prevent excessive compression of the vehicle.

Now locate the 6-pin connector on the accelerator pedal. Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove individual coverings. Depending on whether the pedal is fixed or suspended, the connector may be located above or on the side of the accelerator pedal. In some cases, it may be necessary to dismantle the accelerator pedal to access the connector. Usually, screws for dismantling the vehicle are found under small caps and coverings

Disconnect the connection from the vehicle-side plug to the accelerator pedal. Note that the connectors always have a primary lock and, additionally, a secondary lock (gray, red, white), which should be unlocked first.

CAUTION: If you open the connector while not all control units are in sleep mode, errors will be logged at that moment.

Take the interstar PowerPedal in hand and connect the plugs. The vehicle’s original connector is joined with the counterpart of the interstar PowerPedal, and the other connector of the interstar PowerPedal is linked to the accelerator pedal. Ensure that a ‘CLICK’ is heard, ensuring that the connectors are securely engaged.

Secure the interstar PowerPedal housing to the side of the center console or on the driver’s side below the dashboard. Use cable ties or fabric tape for fastening if necessary. Ensure that all vehicle functions, such as the accelerator, brake, clutch, and steering, are not compromised by the installation. If you install the interstar PowerPedal on the side of the center console, make sure it does not come into direct contact with hot vehicle components, such as the heat exchanger.

After successfully installing the interstar PowerPedal, you can reassemble any parts that were possibly removed. Ensure that any disassembled accelerator pedal is correctly reattached to its designated guides and securely fastened.

Start the engine. If error messages appear, they may be attributed to not adhering to the safety information provided at the beginning of this guide. You can read and clear error codes using a standard OBD2 scanner. The installation of the interstar PowerPedal does not cause errors that require deletion with a brand-specific diagnostic device.

The installation of the interstar PowerPedal is successfully completed.