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Accessories for Ligier und Microcar

With Interstar Automotive Technologies’ digital automotive solutions, specifically designed for Microcar and Ligier vehicles, a new dimension of vehicle performance unfolds. This innovation not only facilitates a quicker attainment of top speed but also preserves robust performance on inclines. Overtaking cyclists becomes not only more efficient but, above all, safer with this additional control unit.

Available for all Models with
Lombardini DCI-Engine

The enhanced acceleration achieved through the digital supplementary control units ensures that the vehicle reaches its top speed more rapidly. This proves particularly beneficial in urban environments, on highways, or during overtaking maneuvers, where swift acceleration is crucial.

Furthermore, it guarantees that the vehicle maintains its full performance capability even on inclines. This isn’t just a comfort enhancement but also a safety feature, especially in hilly or mountainous regions.

Overtaking cyclists becomes significantly safer with the improved engine characteristics, as the vehicle responds more promptly and seamlessly integrates into traffic. This is particularly invaluable in situations requiring swift decision-making.

In summary, interstar automotive technologies provides a comprehensive solution for Microcar and Ligier vehicle drivers, enhancing not only engine performance but also elevating driving dynamics and safety to a new level. Anticipate a driving experience that is not only more agile and powerful but also noticeably more comfortable in everyday road situations.

The advantages at a glance

  • better engine dynamics
  • improved acceleration
  • no drop in speed on inclines
  • Individual settings via free app
  • Easy installation with original plug
  • high contribution margin
  • more than 20 years of product experience
  • worldwide dealer network
  • worldwide shipping with DHL Express

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