The functions of the interstar PowerPedal are controlled via your smartphone and free app. To pair the PowerPedal with your smartphone, follow the steps below.

The interstar App is compatible with all Apple iPhones (later than 5S) with iOS12 as well as Smartphones with Google Android 6 or higher with Bluetooth LE.

We recommend to use the latest operating system verion to prevent limited compatibility with Bluetooth LE standards. For further information please read instructions inside the app or in the app stores carefully. Features might vary depending on your smartphone capabilities.

Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store with your smartphone.

Search for the free interstar app and install it.

Activate Bluetooth under the settings on your smartphone.

Start the ignition of your vehicle with built-in PowerPedal.

Open the downloaded interstar app.

Select the PowerPedal button.

The PowerPedal connect automatically to the APP. With Change Mode you can easily switch between the 3 driving profiles.

Legal notice:

The operation of smartphones while driving is prohibited in many countries. Please observe the national regulations that apply to you. For use, we recommend a fixed mobile phone holder, in which you attach your smartphone before driving and preset the PowerPedal. Or you can use our app directly on your Apple Smartwatch.